Our Circus Structures

have all been designed to provide the audience with an experience they will long remember. With a vintage look in wood or a contemporary in aluminum, they are the brainchild of our director and inventor, Christophe Meunier, who assures the assembly and rigging of these unique circus structures in Quebec!

The Tightrope

The Aerial Frame

The Russian Swing

The Carousel Mast (New)

The Aerial Tripod (New)

The Self-Supporting Wireframe

Les mâts : mât chinois, mât pendulaire, double perche (New)

Carnival Set Pieces

are inspired by objects, structures and items that have really existed and which are now popular with collectors and museums. Our approach: bring them back to life, transform them and bring the public into them. Our decorations, life-size, come to life. Everything can be touched, manipulated or be the object of a game!

The Cockaigne Pole

The Flying Course (Winter)

The Traveling Merchants

Vintage Games Booths (Winter)

Old-Fashioned Photo Stand-In (Merry-Go-Round in the making)

Custom Designs

Custom design service, special installations… Le Moulin à vent Productions creates all of its sets and structures (the City of World Games, J Station, Sensation Platform …), but is also requested by the Quebec Tourist Attractions community for special projects (SOS Labyrinth, Ski Saint-Bruno, Mont-Tremblant Resort).

The Aluminum Tightrope (2019)

The Aerial Tripod (2011)

Adventure Park (2009)

SOS Labyrinth (2015)

The Enchanted Forest (2017)

The City of World Games (2009)

Station J (2004/2005)