Our Circus Structures

The Carousel Mast (New)

  • A 6-meter-high mast in a box!

In 2019, a new technical challenge awaited Le Moulin à vent Productions: that of designing a show structure that could simultaneously support 3 aerial acrobats, could serve as a merry-go-round support and also be transportable by bicycle!!!

It is by combining its knowledge in rigging and design of circus structures with that of the mining industry that Le Moulin à vent Productions has managed to find the solution to fit a 20’ high mast in a 4’ box, thanks to the threads used for drilling pipes in wells.

  • Lightweight, robust and can be dismantled into small sections

The Carousel Mast that we developed in 2019 (in collaboration with Industries Usifab de Rawdon, in Lanaudiere) measures 6 meter (20’) when assembled. Disassembled, it has 5 sections of about 5’. Being installed on industrial bearings, it can also, although it works in compression, turn on itself like a carousel.

It also supports a spreader bar with 3 branches on which can be suspended various aerial apparatus (trapeze, robe, silks) or show accessories (including small pods in which the public can board).

  • Show Structure/Tree of Life

The Carousel Mast is not just a support for acrobatic circus devices. It is also the main scenic element of the new interactive show of Le Moulin à vent Productions, the Magic Circle (creation 2019/2020) and symbolizes the tree of life supporting the medicine wheel (originally a sacred circle set up by the First Nations using stones) in the air.