Carnival Set Pieces

The Traveling Merchants

Source of Inspiration: Folk Arts and Fairs


During a trip to France to attend the Rencontres Ludiques 2004 (National Meetings for training, exchange, networking and collective construction on games in the Southern Alps) we made a detour, by Paris, in a very special museum: the Musee des Arts Forains.

What was our surprise in the living museum (presenting the reconstructions of a traditional European funfair characteristic of the years 1850 to 1950) to have been able, as in during the time, to enter the settings and attractions of yesteryear and to handle real games of the past !

Our Merchant Stalls: versatile mobile structures

Our Traveling Merchant stalls (a kind of large wooden chest 8’ long by 39’ wide, topped with a cotton canvas roof) are mounted on rubber wheels resistant to all types of surfaces.

Used in our various animation concepts, our stalls are sometimes transformed into our Vintage Games Booths, sometimes into small wagons (8 to 10 people can climb there) or even into mobile platforms (artists can perform there).

Tied to each other in the back of a wooden locomotive and pulled by a strong man or woman, they become a little train!

Safety and Use: Summer and Winter

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