Custom Designs

SOS Labyrinth (2015)

  • SOS Labyrinth, The Giant Labyrinth/Old Port of Montreal

In 2015, the company SOS Attractions Inc. (creator and promoter of entertainment, leisure and tourism attractions) called on our expertise in design, conception and installation of sets for the creation of a new version of SOS Labyrinth.

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Le Moulin à vent Productions provided SOS Attraction with a team of three technicians and a project manager, Christophe Meunier, who designed the technical grid supporting the 2 km of canvases of the largest interior labyrinth which is thus the design and the ‘installation of the most recreational environments (area of wooden boxes (1), area of chimes, slowing lanes).

In 2016, the company was again approached by SOS Attraction for the design and installation of original and oversized games for children.

Note (1) : Photo credits 1 & 4 : Jimmy Hammelin
  • Labyrinth V8, Just For Laughs Festival/Montreal

In 2016, the expertise of our director, as chief editor, was put to good use by the Just for Laughs Festival, which called on the latter to manage the assembly and dismantling operations for the Labyrinth V8 (a tubular structure dressed in 50’x50’). The labyrinth went up in record time of 4 days under an extreme! heatwave!