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The Aerial Frame


The Aerial Frame is installed by Le Moulin à vent Productions’ technical team at parties, festivals and events that have employed its services of ANIMATIONS or ATTRACTIONS.

A rental service without entertainment is however possible à for some structures (contact us for more information).


An area of approximately 30’x70’ is required.  

Installation Time:
1h30 to 2h of assembly, 1h to 1h30 of dismantling depending on ground conditions and access.

Safety and Use: Summer and Winter

The Aerial Frame (released in 2009 from the Scène Éthique workshops, a Quebec company that designs and builds state-of-the-art stage infrastructures for the scenic development of internationally renowned clients), is handled and installed by Le Moulin à vent Productions’ technical team using traditional lifting methods.

The frame requires 4 to 6 anchor points (on stakes, concrete blocks, trees). Once the inspection has been carried out, the anchors secured, the technicians test each of the aerial apparatus installed on the structure before the start of the activities or shows.

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The frame can be used, summer or winter, for participatory activities with the public or for high-level acts by professional artists.

The following professional artists have already performed on the large frame: Éric McGill (swinging trapeze), Catherine Joly (aerial hoop), Anouk Vallée-Charest (aerial silks), Dorothée Roher (aerial swing), Yves Landry (aerial silks).

Materials: Cable-stayed aluminum structure (35’high)

The Aerial Frame (35’ high, 20’ wide) is a cabled structure in the shape of an inverted U and equipped with an arch (tube bent and welded below the crossbar in order to reinforce it and which gives it its particular aesthetic).

This versatile structure allows the attachment of many aerial apparatus (bungee, trapeze, hoops, fabrics, ropes, suspended poles) as well as various accessories (spreader bars with bearings and pulleys).

– Original Idea and Artistic Direction : Christophe Meunier

Downloadable Document(s):

Installation plan of the Aerial Frame (by request)


Source of Inspiration: Circus Arts/The Inventor of bungee

Who has never dreamed, like Icarus, of cutting through the air like a bird ?

In the 1990’s, Christophe Meunier (founder and creative director of Le Moulin à vent Productions) met Claude Lergenmuller, the inventor of the bungee-trapeze technique. member of the first artistic team of the company Les Elastonautes, he contributes to circulate this new technique throughout Europe and contributes with Claude to the development of acrobatic structures.

In Italy, the renowned studio Festi, produces shows and large installations, hosts Les Elastronautes in the biggest public events and makes them known under the title of: “Gli angeli della luce elastica” (the angels of the elastic light).

After the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Albertville, France in 1992, during which the technique of aerial acrobatics with elastics was unveiled to the whole world, les Elastonautes formed the first flying acrobats at Cirque du Soleil (first appearance in the show Mystere).