• Christophe Meunier                                                       – –

General et Artistic Director/ Multidisciplinary circus artist, designer and trainer

( biographical notes)
Trained in circus and street arts by two visionary artists, Michel Novak (founder of the circus school Les Noctambules, Nanterre) and Claude Lergenmuller (founder of the company Les Élastonautes, Strasbourg) while pursuing university studies in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, Christophe forged his talents as an aerial artist and acrobatic structure builder on the roads of France and Europe in the early 90s. In 1994, following a rich collaboration with the artist Florence Caillon, choreographer, composer and director (Compagnie l’Éolienne, choreographed circus), he founded the company Le Moulin à vent Productions and produced a first circus show (la Chute du rêveur) which was presented at the Aurillac International Street Festival. He also uses circus arts, carnival arts and world games to encourage cultural, social and tourist development in Normandy (1999, 2000). Immigrated to Quebec at the end of 2001, he took several training courses in entrepreneurship and circus techniques with Claude Lebel (Sollertia), with En Piste and at the National Circus School and continued the development of Le Moulin à vent Productions in Quebec. In 2003, he met the Master of Games, Paul Chartier (founder of SOS Labyrinthe) and collaborated with him in the creation of new playful forms and concepts (Le Délire d’Hiver, 2007). Christophe is on all terrains to create, encourage, train, manage and innovate, both artistically and technically within Le Moulin à vent Productions. He also acts as designer and/or technical/logistical director for other companies or attractions (SOS Labyrinthe, Ski Saint-Bruno, Villégiature de Tremblant, Sollertia). He produces participatory animations and interactive shows that have been programmed for more than 15 years in the province’s biggest festivals (Montréal Complétement Cirque Festival, Quebec City International Summer Festival, Just for Laughs…).
  • Christian Bugden

Artistic Coordinator, Administrator / Actor, Masters of Ceremonies and Fire-Spitter

( biographical notes)
Originally from Ontario, Christian discovered the world of theatre as a teenager at the end of the 90s, and in particular the world of the Theatre of the Oppressed. In 2001 in Quebec, he opened his artistic horizons with clowning and developed his techniques with various companies (Clown Express, Bataclown) and masters such as René Bazinet. At the same time, he discovers the circus and leads initiation workshops at the École de Cirque de Verdun where he meets Christophe Meunier, founder of the Moulin à vent Productions in 2002. From 2002 to 2007, he produced several series of shows for young people and/or evenings to encourage the next generation of artists (Star et Simon, Crazy Cabaret) and performed at the Monument National in the play Gros René Écolier by the Troupe de la Prochaine Station, which he co-founded. Since 2004, he has participated in the development of Le Moulin à vent Productions in major festivals in Quebec (Quebec City Summer Festival, Just for Laughs Festival, Sherbrooke World Traditions Festival) as well as in Ontario (National Capital Events, Hawkesbury Street Festival). From 2009 to 2011, he animates as a character the Villégiature de Mont-Tremblant and from 2015 to 2017 the Just for Laughs Labyrinth on the Place des Festivals as a huckster. Christian has been contributing for over 10 years, as an expert in playful characters and artistic coordinator to the training of human resources (animators, artists) at Le Moulin à vent Productions.
  • Claire Lafrenière

Artistic partner / Singer and musician 

( biographical notes)
In 1984, Claire, who had a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the Université de Montréal at the time, embarked on the adventure of the performing arts with two passions: song and music and puppetry. With René Gélinas, she founded the Théâtre de marionnettes L’Ourson Doré, which, for 25 years, rediscovered the Punch and Judy tradition throughout the province of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. At the same time, she researched and performed French songs from 1900 to 1950 (she received several CALQ scholarships and produced two important records on the history of Quebec song: Chansons actuelles (2007) (songs of the day 1900-1930) and Chansons urbaines du Québec 1900-1950 (2000)) and accompanied herself on the barrel organ. The more than one hundred-year-old instrument is a Célestina (American organ with perforated paper rolls) dating from 1890. It is with Marie Daveluy, Fernanda Chiochio, Clairette, and Pierre Turcotte that she perfected her vocal technique over more than ten years. Claire joined the Windmill’s team in 2007 in which she transposes her universe of songs to the barrel organ and encourages the public to reappropriate a whole heritage of forgotten French and Quebec songs and games of the World including the little wood gigueux from Quebec. In 2018, Claire completed a Master’s degree in Arts Education, specializing in music, at UQAM. She currently teaches at the École des St-Anges in Longueuil.
  • Anouk Vallée-Charest

Multidisciplinary aerial circus artist and coach

  • Jonathan Brochu

Multidisciplinary circus artist, singer, designer and coach

  • Étienne Bordeleau

Mime, clown and master of ceremonies

  • Cédric Descamps

Clown and master of ceremonies

  • Liana Mundy

Hula-hoop artist, circus instructor and graduate in stage techniques

  • Amanda Toucet

Stilt-walking artist, social circus trainer and costume designer