The Flying Machines

is a spectacular attraction in which artistic performances, improvised skits, and challenges to the public all link together. Under the Flying Machines, Le Moulin à vent Productions creates a new form of interactivity with the “Spect-Actors” who, in turn, are invited by the artists to take up a challenge on one of the flying acrobatic […]

The Russian Swing

The Flying Barrel

The Human Woodpecker

The Sensation Platform

is a circus attraction that invites the public to experience the emotions, sensations and pleasure of heights. Anyone can become the trapeze artist, pole vaulter or tightrope walker of the moment. Guided by circus artists, budding acrobats feel the thrill of the void and perform feats encouraged by their families and friends!

The Tightrope

Interactive Spectacles

The songs, dances, the structures and shows have always been part of carnival attractions. Le Moulin à vent Productions reinvents the form and offers 2 forms of interactive shows. The first, the MAGIC CIRCLE, a new interactive family show (created August 2019 mixing circus, storytelling, song, sand and fire manipulation. The second, the BARAQUE FORAINE, […]

The Magic Circle