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Station J (2004/2005)

  • Station J: Immediate Boarding, Destination World Games ! / Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke

In 2004, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Acadia, the Society of Old-Port Montreal celebrated Canada Day for 4 days. Le Moulin à vent Productions presented its latest creation (Station J: Immediate boarding, destination World Game). A real 50’ by 50’ station decor with an old-fashioned ticket office, a wagon shed, a world map and of course, the reproduction (almost to scale) of a turn-of-the-century train with its locomotive and a passenger car in which the public can really get on board.

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A team of 10 actors in authentic period costumes (bought from the National Center for Costume Research and Distribution (CNC) during a going out of business sale) including a station master, hostesses and flight attendants welcomed the public for an immediate boarding to explore the World Games.

Station J was presented for 10 days in the summer of 2004 at the International Summer Festival of Quebec and the following year at the Festival of World Tradition in Sherbrooke to the delight of unlikely travellers (the public).

The equipment at Station J, produced in partnership with the Montreal School of Furniture Trades (EMMM), however, it took too long to install, and the company decided to create 3 lighter animation concepts from them (Vintage Game Booths, The Gaia Train and the Sensation Platform) for short-events.