Carnival Set Pieces

Vintage Games Booths (Winter)

Source of Inspiration: The Christmas Markets of the World


The tradition of the Christmas Market is well established and has been present for a long time in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria…), it is now gaining popularity every year here in Quebec. It is a bit of this tradition that Le Moulin à vent Productions borrows to transform its Traveling Merchant stalls (summer version) into a Vintage Games Booth (winter version).

Vintage Games Booth: versatile mobile structures

Our Traveling Merchant stalls (a sort of large wooden chest 8’ long by 39’ wide) are transformed in winter into the Vintage Games Booths. Mounted on rubber wheels they are resistant to all types of surfaces and clad in red canvas roofs (identical to that of marquees) are ready for rain or snow.

Used in our various animation concepts, our stalls are sometimes transformed into Vintage Games Booths, sometimes into small wagons (8 to 10 people can climb there) or even into mobile platforms (artists can perform there).

Safety and Use: Summer and Winter

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