The Multi-Arts Workshops

The Multi-Arts Workshops offered to schools by Le Moulin à vent’s multidisciplinary artists from 2021 onwards are a response to the 3rd edition of the call for projects in support of cultural activities in the educational pathway of young Quebecers (in order to increase and diversify the offer of cultural activities for students).

Projet Exploration Multi-Arts

1. Intérêts et objectifs

2. Qualité du Projet & Artistes

3. Biographie de l’équipe

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Active Educational Workshops

Le Moulin à vent is further enriching its offer for Active Discover Workshops (which already includes Circus Ludiqu-Art & Exploring the World’s Games) with a new workshop “For the Pleasure of Moving”. On a reinvented Hebertism course, students will discover the “Natural Method” invented in the last century.

Ludiqu’art Circus Course