Our Circus Structures

The Aerial Tripod (New)

Source of Inspiration: Circus Arts and Architecture

In the spring of 2019, while the designer of Le Moulin à vent Productions was being held in Central America (pending a return visa to Canada which can take 2 months to be issued), the technical team of Le Moulin à vent Productions also found itself deprived of its technical director for the assembly of structures, which require the supervision of a chief assembler.

The solution ? Design a new self-support and safe structure that will not require any external anchoring (guy wire). Christophe designs and designs, from Honduras, a self-supporting aerial tripod with triangular suspension bar for 3 aerial devices.

Our aerial tripod and it’s suspension triangle: an easy-to-instal structure !

18 feet high, our self-supporting steel aerial tripod is fully self-contained (it does not require any external anchoring). Equipped with an aluminum suspension bar, triangular in shape, the latter can simultaneously suspend 3 aerial apparatus..

Several users can therefore use it simultaneously to learn basic trapeze, hoop, fabric loop, rope…from an aerial circus instructor.

During the last edition of Quartiers Complement Cirque, in Montreal and Longueuil, in July 2019, the aerial tripod allowed many young people to live their first aerial circus experience.