Circus Art – Carnival Traditions


Walking on a wire 10 feet from the ground, hula hooping and perching on the shoulders of a another person, flying to 35 ′ in the air hanging on elastics, are all experiences accessible to the public thanks to the concept of circus based, social and inclusive performance events of Le Moulin à vent Productions (see the Sensation Platform).

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Making the circus accessible to everyone…

The idea of offering everyone an experience out of the ordinary but in complete safety appeared to our director more than 25 years ago during a visit to the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sous-Bois (France). In the huge school tent, stretched 10 meters above the ground was a tightrope, with a lifeline. In the blink of an eye he was up there to take his first steps above the void, held by a safety line. This fabulous experience deserved to be shared!

…one step at a time. Everywhere!

But you don’t need to be hanging 30 feet in the air to experience thrills. Your first time riding a teeter-board, as well as making a successful first juggling pass with three balls, are all stimulating and rewarding experience that Le Moulin à vent Productions shares in various forms:


The universe of the fair or carnival has always captured the collective imagination. Whether it is a village festival, an agricultural fair, a funfair with its attractions and rides or an amusement park (the contemporary version), the spirit of the festival always touches the hearts of children just as much as those of adults (see The Vintage Games Booth or The Carnival Games Arena).

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Transform the world of traditional carnivals…

In 2004, during a research trip in France, Le Moulin à vent Productions discovered the incredible collection of carnival objects, old rides, kiosks brought together at the Museum of Fairground Arts in Paris (Musée des Arts Forains de Paris-Bercy) by Jean-Paul Favrand. “Unlike most museums, here there are no glass showcases, nor intellectual information plaques about the objects. Here, we have the opportunity to touch the objects, to bring them to life in the moment, to forget everyday life and to dream.” The idea of sharing the carnival universe with its games, characters and structures was born.

…into the celebrations, festivals and events of today

Back in Montreal, Le Moulin à vent Productions recreated a collection of wooden carnival games (including the famous Japanese and Dutch billiards) as well as the first Cockaigne pole and created two new activity concepts (the Traveling Merchants and The Carnival Games Arena). As of 2005 the theme of summer carnivals was launched. For the cold season, The Winter’s Delight was created in 2007 in Old Port, Montreal.