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The Russian Swing


The Russian Swing is installed by Le Moulin à vent Productions’ technical team at parties, festivals and events that have employed its services of ANIMATIONS or ATTRACTIONS.

A rental service without entertainment is however possible for some structures (contact us for more information).


An area of approximately 20’ x 50’ is required.

Installation Time:
1h30 to 2h of assembly, 1h to 1h30 of dismantling depending on ground conditions and access.

Safety and Use: Summer and Winter

The Russian Swing can be mounted on all types of surfaces (grass, asphalt, rock, snow) in summer and winter.

Le Moulin à vent Productions’ technical team takes care of the transport and assembly of the Russian Swing using a tackle (wooden pole). They perform stability tests after each assembly before opening the activity to the public.

Each member of the public who tries out the Russian Swing is equipped with a safety harness (like the trapeze artists) attached to the swing cables.

Materials: Self-supporting structures in natural cedar

Le Moulin à vent Productions has 2 Russian Swings in cedar (a light and durable wood). Although they are self-supporting, they do however require 2 anchors 50’ apart (stakes, concrete blocks, trees…) to stabilize them laterally.

– Original idea and Artistic Direction: Christophe Meunier

Downloadable Document(s):

Installation plan of the Russian Swing (by request)


Source of Inspiration: Russian folk art and traditions

Through our research on traditional games, we have discovered a park in the heart of Moscow that is striving towards, as we are doing here in Quebec, the preservation of old games and toys. The Russian Swing is one of the attractions that the “Диво-град” park brings to life.

If you have the chance to travel to the Russian capital, be sure to go have fun in this urban park open in 2013 called “City of historical games and Divo-grad amusements”, where you will be able to fly on the boat swing or the famous Russian swing (Source: Городок исторических игр и забав « Диво-град »).