Carnival Events

are 2 collaborative activities that allow you to actively rediscover a variety of games that entertained the public at fairs, carnivals and village festivals of yesteryear! Each fun fair can be enhanced by adding one or more performance attractions of Le Moulin à vent Productions.

Vintage Games Booth

The Carnival Games Arena

The Winter’s Delight

is a COLLBORATIVE FAMILY ACTIVITY inspired by the traditional sports and games still practiced today on the seven continents. The Winter’s Delight offers a choice of 4 FUN AND FESTIVE ACTIVITY packages. Led by a Games Master and a Crowd Host, the activities of the Winter’s Delight get the public moving down to -30 degrees!

Games of the World – Part 1

Traditional Sports – Part 2

The Winter Rides – Part 3

Winter Swing (Traditional Music)

Circus Workshops

are original sessions of games and fun for the participants (community groups, children/teenagers on vacation of families on outings). Our costumed hosts have the art and the way to reach out to people, even the most timid, and give them a unique experience. The apprentice suddenly becomes the artist of the moment!

Circus on Wheels: with the Family !

The Circus ”Ludiqu’art” Workshop