Carnival Set Pieces

Old-Fashioned Photo Stand-In (Merry-Go-Round in the making)

Source of Inspiration: Traditional Festivals and Fairs


The realization of the merry-go-rounds, booths, stands, inter-spells and all the traditional fairground equipment required an army of trades. By trades, we mean all the craftsmen who worked on the production of these carnival works.

Indeed, “the carnivals conceive their attractions like shows, calling on great artists and all kinds of scenic and decorative techniques. In this sense, carnival art is a decorative art in its own right, made to amaze the people and voluntarily charged with a great power of seduction. To decorate is also to be beautiful, to adorn, embellish, to add more to attract and convince more” (Source: Museum of Fairground Arts).

Our Old-Fashioned Photo Stand-In: a decor that still makes you dream

Le Moulin à vent Productions is part of the tradition by calling on, for the creation of its visuals, high-caliber artists, such as Jean-Marc Bock, illustrator, who made from my sketches, this work inspired by imagery of the past.

Today’s public, fond of self-portraits, will also be able to have their last photo taken in our photo stand-in, when it does not serve as a backdrop for our artists.

A nod is made to the present tense in this image. Observe well !

Safety and use: summer and winter

Our old-fashion photo stand-on is mounted on a frame (7’ high x 7’ wide). It occupies the central place of a panel in the form of a triptych, which is fixed on a small stage (proscenium) which allows out animators and artists to produce their performances, in particular songs on the barrel organ, but also to the public to come and make the little gigueux men dance (a Quebec tradition).

The Photo Stand-In and the proscenium are one of the latest creations (2017) and much appreciated by the public and event organizers.

2 to 4 hours of continuous animation


– • Original idea and artistic direction: Christophe Meunier

Downloadable Document(s):

Installation plan of the Photo Stand-In and Proscenium (upon request)