Fun Hebertism

The Ephemeral Hebertism Circuit

Fun and accessible Hebertism challenges for the whole family!

To invite families to move outside with pleasure and in complete safety, Le Moulin à vent Productions is now offering its new Ephemeral Hebertism Circuit, fun and diversified, to event organisers.

Organised in the form of a course where the public is always on the move, this activity allows participants to test their physical and motor skills (sense of balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, cardio, dexterity, etc.) through a series of events spread out along a circuit.

Alone or in a family bubble, participants have the opportunity to overcome the obstacles of our Balance Course, take on the challenges of the Throwing Game Areas, overcome gravity in the Object Balancing Station and take flight on our human-powered ride, the Flying Race. 

Between challenge areas around the circuit, participants are always on the move, using walking, running, jumping, and even quadrupeding to stay active on the move. 

Overview of the activities


The art of balancing is one of the most difficult and yet some people have an innate sense for it. In order to allow everyone to gain the confidence to balance and cross the self-supporting wire (the ultimate test), other easier obstacles are included in the course, such as a rope of the ground, a slackline, a tilting beam (pictured left) and multidirectional planks. 


In the hebertism courses invented a century ago by Georges Hébert, the throwing event (such as throwing a buoy to a person who has fallen overboard) held an important place. The throwing challenges of our Ephemeral Hebertism Circuit allow the participants to discover traditional throwing games such as the Aquitaine Bowling, the South African Jukskei, the Polish Kapela, the Polish Ringo (Polish ring game).


Several fun events punctuate the circuit. One of them is the object balancing station. Simple objects, such as the balancing stick, are used for this event. The hoops (Hula Hoop) offer an extra level of challenge unless they are used in a more traditional way, rotating around the hips, arms, neck, legs, and feet. The whole body is set in motion. 

structure_mav_1THE FLYING RACE

One of the very first gymnastic apparatuses (the Vindas), also used as a human-powered ride under the name of the Giant Steps or the Flying Course at fairs, is present in our Ephemeral Hebertism Circuit. The traditional climbing event is replaced here by a no-less cardiovascular one, that of taking off by running fast enough around the mast to do Giant Steps and eventually lift off the ground. Who will be able to stay suspended at arm’s length for as long as possible with their feet in the air?

Covid19 Health and Safety Measures

In order to respect the distance, while increasing the benefit of the participants, Le Moulin à vent Productions offers this activity with the supervision of 3 animators distributed on the circuit (one at the entrance to explain the safety instructions to the public and launch the first warm-up challenges to the participating individuals and families and two others inside the circuit at strategic positions to ensure the fluidity of the movement on the course and to ensure the safety and the pleasure of the participants. 

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