Fun Hebertism

The Great Adventure in Your Park

Getting back to the great outdoors after Covid19

During the pandemic, Le Moulin à vent Productions created family activities that can be implemented as soon as the crisis is over. To meet the need to stretch your legs, to breath in the fresh air, but also to move with your family… while maintaining a certain social distance, here is the latest of its concepts: a MOBILE ROUTE OF OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Multicultural, intergenerational and multi-disciplinary, the activities included in this unique route are inspired by traditional sports and games, circus arts, pastoral activities and traditional games of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Revisiting Traditional Hebertism

Following the example of the animation concepts created by the Le Moulin à vent Productions, which are always inspired by traditions, we imagined a course featuring the 10 types of exercises developed a century ago by Georges Hebert (naval officer and educator French promoter of the Natural Method: walking, running, jumping, climbing, quadrupedalism, balancing, lifting, throwing, defense and swimming replaced here by coordination), but in our own way.

More than 30 activities to discover!

Revisiting the traditional hebertism (without altering the philosophy, which was to ensure the integral development, to increase the organic resistances and to highlight the aptitudes in all the kinds of essential natural and utilitarian exercises) with more than 30 outdoor activities from our fun, sporting, circus and adventurous repertoire, such is our project!

Discover our eclectic courses:

  • Our Stand-Alone Structures

The composition of the courses is based on fixed installations (permanent or pop-up installations depending on the project).

Fixed installations : 1 Cockaigne pole / 2 Balancing logs  / 3 Giant Steps  / 4 Hopscotch / 5 Crawling Course

Grimper_Cocagne Equilibre_billots img_4364-2 Sauter_Marelle parcours_ramper (2)

  • Challenging Activities

Activities for challenges are set up for the day to dress up your site (park, place, parking, yard).

Challenge Accessories :  1  Rocking Beam / 2 Climbing Rope / 3  Slack line / 4 Push Pole / 5 Monkey Bridge

Equilibre_Bascule Grimper_Corde_2 IMG_2587 (2) Defendre_Poussée Equilibre_Singe

  • The Trolley and Mobile Equipment

Finally, mobile equipment is made available to users from a kiosk (or loan center). To facilitate their transport on the course, a traditional Honduran cart, which is usually used to transport water, will be loaned. This cart can be used as a game (such as here at the National and International Festival of Traditional Games in San Marco, Santa Barbara, Hondura where Le Moulin à vent Productions was in May 2019)

Mobile equipment: 1 Trolley / 2 Stilts  / 3 Jump Rope / 4 Tug Rope  / 5 Hoof stilts

Porter_Chariot  Equilibre_echasses Sauter_Corde (2) Tirer_Souque Equilibre_Sabot

Mobile equipment: 6  Shepherd’s stick / 7 Pédalettes / 8 Mölkky / 9 Rolla-Bola / 10 Kubb

Saut_Bâton Equilibre_Pedalette Lancer_Molkky_2 Equilibre_Rolla3 Lancer_Kubb_2

Mobile equipment : 11 Pull stick / 12 Potato bags / 13 Button Game / 14 Bowling of 6 / 15 Balance sticks

stick_pull (2) Course_sacs Tirer_Bouton_2 Lancrer_Quille_6 Equilibre_Baton

Facilitators to create the activation of the site

In our equipment supply centre (kiosk, trailer, mini container) an interpreter guide will provide each family with a fully equipped trolley (map of the various stations, game sheets and mobile equipment required). On the ground, an outdoor instructor will provide technical training and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge related to the proposed activities & challenges, including for audiences with special needs.