At the beginning of the year, Le Moulin à vent Productions joined the Répertoire Culture-Éducation, which remains the source of excellence for discovering a wide range of inspiring cultural activities and connecting with artists, writers, and the organizations that offer them.

Le Moulin à vent Productions is listed in the categories of performing arts and multidisciplinary arts. Its offer of Cultural Workshops at school aims to introduce students to : Circus Arts, Fairground Arts, Street Theatre and Traditional Music (including song and dance).

Schools interested in introducing their students to its activities will have the choice between a one-off formula (pedagogical day) or a session of activities (extra-curricular workshops).

  • For the Pedagogical Days:
  1. The “CIRCUS LUDIQU’ART” workshop (created in 2013)
  2. The workshop “EXPLORE THE GAMES OF THE WORLDS”, including traditional musical games (created in 2009)
  3. The “SHARE YOUR TALENTS” workshop (created in 2021)
  • For Extracurricular Activities:
  1. The “MULTI-ART EXPLORATION” workshop (this project will start in 2021 with the schools that have expressed their support for Le Moulin à vent Productions’ application to the MCC call for projects – Educational trail)

The benefit for schools: depending on the region and available resources, financial assistance associated with the Cultural Workshops in Schools component can reach up to 100% of eligible expenses (or 75% for private educational institutions).

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