Active Educational Workshops

Ludiqu’art Circus Course

A fun and exciting day of circus in your school!

This activity is listed in the Culture-Éducation Repertoire and takes place in a gymnasium or outdoors, depending on the conditions.

Organized in the form of a circuit, this activity allows students to test and develop their skills (strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and communication) through a series of set-ups and circus games developed by Le Moulin à vent Productions.

On a diversified circuit, students divided into small groups have the opportunity to overcome the obstacles of our Balancing Course, to take up the challenges of the Juggling/Manipulation Area, to overcome gravity in the Object Balancing Area, and finally to take out their “crazy” in the Clown Art Circle.

Purely artistic supervision!

See the biographies of our artists (here)


The art of balancing is one of the most difficult and yet some students have an innate sense for it. In order to allow everyone to gain the confidence to balance on our self-supporting wire, several pedagogical accessories are used in the composition of this course such as rope on the ground, slackline, tilting bean (photo on the left), rola-bola, acrobatic pedalette, stilt.



The imaginary ball game is certainly one of the best exercises to start learning juggling, especially as it is practiced without equipment. But soon, from our teaching trunk, we will bring out learning pins, juggling rings, Chinese plates, flower sticks, hula-hoops in order to practice coordination and sense of movement in relation to a prop.



After testing their balance on an object, it is time to challenge the laws of gravity and understand the principles of keeping an object(s) in a balanced position on different parts of the body. Simple objects, such as the balancing stick, are where the students start learning. Hoops, balls, skittles, or other less symmetrical objects are also used for the sensory discovery of the centre of gravity.




The circus would certainly lack a soul without its clowns, which is why the Ludqu’art Circus Course allows students to learn some of the basics of this art. The mirror game, the neutral mask, the clown follower, the slapstick…are some of the exercises that the students will discover with our clowning specialist. He has many more in his secret suitcase to share. The physical education teacher and other members of the school team are invited to take part in this and other activities.

Covid 19 Health & Safety Measures 

All these activities are “Covid-Proof”, Le Moulin à vent Productions having, for the time being, subtracted from the courses the hand-to-hand challenges and the human pyramids as well as the non-washable/sanitizable accessories such as grain balls or scarves.

In order to respect the distance, while increasing the benefit of the participating students, the organization proposes a ratio of 1 artist for 10 children (the usual ratio is 1 for 20) to guarantee the safety of the children, the school staff, and the company’s artists.

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