Travelling Funfairs

Funfair Game Zone

The Funfair Zone is a participative attraction which brings to life and appreciates the amusements, games, and rituals of traditional fairs and celebrations. Hosted by street artists of multiple abilities (comedy, circus, smooth-talking, mechanical music), the Fairground is a space of expression for the artists, but also and above all for the public to whom numerous contests and challenges are proposed (testing strength, dexterity, balance, coordination, and ability).

Artistic Performances (with the participation of the public)

  • Songs with the barrel organ;
  • Acrobatics on the ‘Greasy’ Pole and the Giant’s Footstep;
  • Performances in the fairground (balancing challenges, singing rounds…);
  • Fire spitting (optional)

Scenic elements 

  • A Fair Caravan or 1 à 2 Mobile Kiosk;
  • A throwing and skill-testing game zone
  • An aerial structure : Climbing Pole and/or Giant’s Footstep

Some Games to (Re)Discover

  • Japanese Billiards (Europe), a throwing game of balls on a plank, strongly in vogue in the fairs of the 19th century;
  • Sjoelback (Netherlands), Dutch shuffleboard;
  • Tops and spinners of the world;
  • Tower of Hanoi, a game of speed and logic for a fun challenge
  • Button spinner;
  • Bilboquet;
  • Ring toss.

Entertainment Format

A richer entertainment in terms of decoration and props wich plunges the public into our playful universe combining pleasure, challenge and conviviality.


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